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Jaylen Haith

“Every pain gives a lesson and every lesson changes a person”

I’m ready for college and to embark on my dream of becoming a nurse to give back to my community since they have given so much to me. My goal is to give back to as many people as I can with my talents with taking care of people and my hospitable nature. I grew up around people who have always pushed me to maximize my potential. The number one person that has done this for me is my mother. I grew up in a single parent household, but she made sure my needs were met, even when times got hard. I could lean on her both in times when I was right and wrong. She will listen to both sides of the story and make sure my core values are in place, such as integrity and respect for others and for myself and others. 

Earlier in high school, I found myself tangled up in drama. I realized that being involved in the drama was not helping with my future aspirations, so I got more focused. I became more focused and dedicated to my classes. Another person that has always helped me in high school and helped me pursue my college education is my basketball coach, Coach Criss. He makes sure that I am always doing my best. He also has kept me focused on my goals and my future by encouraging me to stay focused on basketball and other priorities in my life. This positioned me for college success, which will allow me to better myself and further my career aspirations. 

Through my extracurriculars, college classes at Alamance Community College, and all my honors classes, developed time management skills and perseverance. I realized that if I sit down and put my mind to something, I can accomplish tasks efficiently and avoid procrastinating. I am proud of my ability to do well in any class, regardless of whether I am naturally good at the subject. While I may struggle with certain classes, my aversion to failure drives me to persevere and try my best. In conclusion, there are a lot of factors and people that have made me a successful student. I am excited to grow and serve the world as a nurse.