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Niya Commodore

“Successful people do what unsuccessful people are not willing to do. Don’t wish it was easier; wish you were better.”

Niya was one of my former math students at Western Guilford High School, where she graduated in 2020 and received the first Christine Council Foundation scholarship. She is currently studying Biology at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, with the goal of pursuing a career in Anesthesiology.

Despite not being the strongest math student, Niya worked diligently and displayed resilience, determination, and an unparalleled work ethic. She exhibited leadership qualities and willingly assisted her peers with topics in which she felt confident. If she couldn’t help her classmates, she actively sought assistance, demonstrating her willingness to support others, step out of her comfort zone, and put aside her pride for the benefit of others.

Niya is highly involved on campus. She currently serves as the President of UNCCharlotte4life, a Pro-Life club. She is also a member of various other clubs, including the American Medical Student Association at Charlotte, the American Medical Women’s Association, Charlotte Puppy Raisers, Culinary Club at UNC Charlotte, The Pre-Dental Club, and Young Life College. 

During a conversation with Niya, she shared the personal significance of three symbols: cows, a cross, and a butterfly. For her, cows represent the rural environment where she developed a fascination with these animals and dreamed of owning a farm in the future. The cross symbolizes her lifelong faith as a Christian, with God being the center of her life. She explained that her faith helps her grow as an individual and keeps her heart warm. The butterfly represents joy and serves as a reminder that her loved ones who have passed away are still watching over her.

Niya is incredibly kind and supportive, never easily giving up on others. These traits remind me of my grandmother, making me feel loved and valued. I am extremely proud of Niya and have no doubt that she will become the finest Anesthesiologist in the world.